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SuperNova Smoke Shop #5 off Bandera Rd carries a full line of MTN Colors Graffiti Spray Paint for San Antonio artists. Since its creation in 1994, with the philosophy of its founders in place, Montana Colors has maintained its commitment that all of its products should meet the highest demands for the preservation of the environment and the health of graffiti writers. We have ISO 9001 certification in our quality management system, and ISO 14001 certification which guarantees our commitment to the environment, both of which are symbols of quality and rewards of a job well done on a daily basis, thanks to the proactive attitude of our staff, and the recognition and support of our clients. Find out more about Montana Colors here…

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Supporting graffiti from the beginning

In the early ’90s, graffiti was considered, by all of the American and European spray paint companies, to merely be an act of vandalism. It was of no interest to any of the companies, because it wasn’t yet considered to be profitable. At that time, the discovery of this passionate cultural revolution was what propelled the founders of Montana Colors to lay the groundwork for the creation of the first spray paint made especially for graffiti and, in that way, fill that hole in the market.

With this beginning, the lines to follow were clear: get to know the scene and support it from the very start. Thus, the main goal was set: to produce a specific spray to meet the demands of graffiti writers; something with high quality, a wide range of colors and, above all else, a very affordable price. With the passing of the years, our motto remains the same: support graffiti and respect each other and the environment.

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