Everyone knows Grav Lab designs high quality scientific glassware, they offer the many styles & arguably represent the pinnacle of modern smoking technology.

The Science Behind Helix Pipes

The Science Behind Helix Pipes

The line Helix is pretty revolutionary in the smoking industry. The Helix uses the “Bernoulli’s Principle” of air flow which aerates the smoke, cooling it, and making each draw you take smoother! And it conserves the smoking product! That’s science for you smokers!

Grav Lab has quite the selection in the Helix line:

  • Helix Beaker Tubes
  • Helix Classic
  • Helix Multi
  • Helix Nano Beaker
  • Helix Nano Flare
  • Helix Nano Rig
  • Helix Steamroller
  • Helix Vape Pen

I’m gonna touch on 2 of them today. The Helix Steamroller is a must have for your pipe collection:

  1. Design cools the smoke and allows for a smoother hit
  2. Made with high grade borosilicate glass
  3. Comes in 2 sizes
  4. Strong enough to be discreetly tucked in your pocket or purse without worry of breaking

I feel I should mention the Helix Vape Pen. The only similarity it has to other vape pens is the battery. The Helix Vape Pen is a unique makeover to the ordinary. It offers the same Helix science to cool your inhaled smoke and it designed with a custom mouthpiece.

Helix Vape Pen Edition

Helix Vape Pen Edition

Grav Labs has an amazing variety of glassware to all the smokers and tokers. They pride themselves as being stylish and also affordable. Check them out online or at your nearest retailer. Smoke it up fellas!

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