* There will have to be an agent within Europe to look after your interests. This is a must according to these regulations. The agent will have to be in a position to act for you in line with what you want.
Also to meet the conditions of the regulations which demand ongoing information about sales, technical alterations and new products. There also has to be an annual report to the E.U about
usage in named consumer groups.
* The maximum Nicotine content in a liquid is confirmed as being 2.0 mgs. Maximum bottle size is 10 mil. The bottles must be totally child and tamper proof.
*The refill system must be spill proof, both bottle and tank / reservoir.
* Replacement heads are suspect and may be considered not tamper proof.
* The size of a tank / reservoir is a maximum of 2 mils (no exceptions).
* The regulations  state that the electric device must deliver a consistent amount of vapor and nicotine. This would seem to exclude the variable voltage units. There are rules to cover the safety aspect of electronics these are relatively normal.
* The label with various health warnings etc have been increased. There must be literature with  all liquids that must meet specific stated requirements.
*There is then the question of licences for the liquids. There would seem to be two types one to cover tobacco flavors and one for fruit flavors.
I do have some thoughts in this area:-
a.  Is there a nicotine replacement that could be introduced that could replace the actual nicotine being used ?
b. Zero nicotine liquids. The regulations for these are less strict. Maybe there is some more  product innovations / possibilities in this sector?
The above are the main areas. There are additional administrative and legislative requirements for me to read through and understand。

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