Krylon Spray Paint Oil Rig

San Antonio has some deep roots when it comes to street art.  We all enjoy the color and character it adds to Downtown San Antonio.  This dope as fuck Krylon style oil rig complete with dome and glass nail will draw you back to those days running around San Anto with Spray cans hanging out of your back pocket or in your book bag.  Way back in the day they used to have these really HUGE jeans call Jnco jeans.  They had big-ass pockets that would fit a whole can… maybe two… anyway… this rig is awesome.

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This bad ass Krylon Style Dab rig is actually just one fine addition to the parade of oil rigs stylized like popular products. You might remember our Hatorade Bottle from a few weeks ago. when you come to supernova you’ve got to keep an open mind because we’re going to hit you with some glass you hadn’t even thought of.

This nice Krylon style piece isn’t just for show either. It features a nice perk at the bottom and is crafted as beautifully as any other of our glass, we’re sticklers for high quality and keep you ballas-on-a-budget well supplied. Oh, and this puppy come complete with dome and nail, we gotcha back.

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