MiCare Kit by Smok

MICARE is a specially designed device for high viscosity oil, it has built-in 700mAh battery to provide long vaping time, adjustable voltage to offer different vaping effects. Vibration function and LED design shows the using status. It is also designed with 10 second-preheat function, which can perfectly liquefy the oil and offer excellent taste.
Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

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MICARE is a compact and exquisite device, it shaped like an old-school lighter but with a fancy appearance,

glossy finish and sleek cobra/resin. Hold it in your hand, you will know what masterpiece means.


To make a perfect tank for high viscosity oil, we choose top notch materials. Food-grade glass tube guarantees the clearance and safety while vaping, with strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it ensures cozy and safe vaping.
As for mouthpiece, we use high quality ceramic to offer better tactility and longer lifespan.


NO LEAKAGE IS ALLOWED. Unlike normal airflow routes, the inhaled air of these new tanks won’t go straight and directly come out from mouthpiece, with which leakage can be avoided and consistent purer taste can be produced.


There’s a LED light at the left side of the device, it will show blue, green, orange or red light when you vaping. Blue light for output of 3.4V, green for 3.6V, orange for 3.8V and red for 4.0V.


MAKES EVERY PUFF WONDERFUL MICARE has a function of preheating. Fast press the button for two times then the device would start to preheat for ten seconds. Preheating can accelerate the process of liquefying and help to get better taste. If you want to stop preheating, you just need to press the button for one time; and if you vape during the preheating process, the preheating would stop automatically.

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