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Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #1

SuperNova #1

4411 West Ave

Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #2

SuperNova #2

10708 Perrin Beitel Rd

Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #3

SuperNova #3

9355 Culebra Rd

Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #4

SuperNova #4

8400 Marbach Rd

Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #5

SuperNova #5

11851 Bandera Rd #118

Photo of the interior of Supernova Smoke Shop #6

SuperNova #6

6025 Callaghan Rd

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Peek inside a few of the 5 Supernova Smoke Shop locations with our 360 tours. We’re always getting in new gear & we carry a complete line of vape supplies as well as premium e-liquids and budget e-liquids.

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The Supernova Smokers Blog

Benefits of Bubblers

Bubblers are one of the old school tools that have stuck around in the smoking community and for a good reason. Only the real smokers I know own a good bubbler and it’s often an overlooked tool and missing from the hobbyist’s collection. Whether you’re using a traditional bubbler or are newer model like the hammer style bubbler, bubblers are considered an essential piece to any seasoned smokers collection.

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A Look At The Sauce Boss: Cuttwood E-liquids

Cuttwood is undoubtedly one of the big dogs in the e liquid industry. What seems unique about Cuttwood vapor is the staying power their flavors have. Cuttwood hasn’t gotten lost in the crowd of flavors that seem endless right now. They have only five flavors and are...

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Smoking Tools: The Bare Essentials

If you smoke daily or weekly and it’s a part of your regular regiment on a month to month basis it’s smart to get yourself organized. If you need to cross the threshold of beginner smoker to advanced smoker let us key you in on some of the essential tools. We see a lot of good people come in and out of the shop on a daily basis but not every one has a convenient strategy to make smoking easy and clean.

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Montana Colors Graffiti Spray Paint

Supernova Smoke Shop #5 off Bandera Rd carries a full line of Montana Colors (MTN) graffiti spray paint for San Antonio artists. Founded 1994 by a group of paints industry innovators from Barcelona Spain. They created a product specific with these key issues in mind.

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SuperNova Gives Back

Each month SuperNova Smoke & Vape Shop gives out free lunches to people who otherwise might go without food in the communities of Bangladesh.

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Wiz Khalifa Papers and Smoking Accessories In San Antonio

Wiz Khalifa Smoking Accessories

We’ve got it all! Pick up new rolling papers from Wiz! RAW has teamed up with Wiz to create “The Wiz Pack” including natural unrefined king sized slim rolling papers with tips! Includes 32 leaves per pack. Made of natural hemp gum.

Wiz Edition
Supernova Smoke Shop in San Antonio

SA's Biggest Selection of Papers & Wraps

We’ve the the biggest selection of papers & wraps in SA at the best prices in SA! Come into Supernova and find out for yourself!

  • Elements
  • RAW
  • Glass (Clear Papers)
  • Juicy
  • Tasty Puff
  • Trip
  • Tribal
  • About 100 More!