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Supernova Smoke Shop

4411 West Ave

Supernova Smoke Shop

10708 Perrin Beitel

Supernova Smoke Shop Culebra Rd

9355 Culebra Rd

Supernova Smoke Shop Marbach Rd

8400 Marbach Rd


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Peek inside any of the 4 Supernova Smoke Shop locations with our 360 tour.  We’re always getting in new gear & we carry a complete line of vape supplies as well as premium and budget e-liquids.

Vapor & E-Juice
  • Aspire
  • G-Pen
  • Ben Jonson’s e-Liquids
  • Rico e-Liquids
Smoking Accessories
  • Vacuum Tight Jars
  • Topoo Waterpipes
  • Stax from Grav Labs
  • Tokah Glass

The Supernova Smokers Blog

It’s Watching You!

Sometimes you want a piece that’s unique… and kinda freaky. At Supernova Smoke Shop we have those as well. This is one of those bad ass creatures from another dimension. You’re going to find all kinds of goodness at Supernova.

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Nice DTFO Recycler Oil Rig

Come on over and check out some of our sweet new glass waterpipes at supernova smoke shop. This bad ass little recycler is about 1′ tall, a nice size.

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Delta9 Waterpipe Conversion

We do a sweet ass conversion on this Delta9 Waterpipe, add a drop-down with a reclaim. it’s dope, check it out and come the Supernova and build the rig of your dreams.

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Zico Torch Lighters

Many of these new Zico models have angled torch head so you don’t have to worry about holding the lighter upside down or sideways in order to properly direct the flame, a nice feature.

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Wiz Khalifa Papers and Smoking Accessories In San Antonio

Wiz Khalifa Smoking Accessories

We’ve got it all! Pick up new rolling papers from Wiz! RAW has teamed up with Wiz to create “The Wiz Pack” including natural unrefined king sized slim rolling papers with tips! Includes 32 leaves per pack. Made of natural hemp gum.
Wiz Edition

Dr. Dabbers Recycler Pendant

The Dr. Dabber Recycler Pendant attachment is the latest development in vapor technology. A fully functional, handblown glass recycling filtration system that will fit on any battery with a 510 threading.
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Supernova Smoke Shop in San Antonio

SA's Biggest Selection of Papers & Wraps

We’ve the the biggest selection of papers & wraps in SA at the best prices in SA! Come into Supernova and find out for yourself!
  • Elements
  • RAW
  • Glass (Clear Papers)
  • Juicy
  • Tasty Puff
  • Trip
  • Tribal
  • About 100 More!

Helix Vape Pen Edition

Everyone's Looking For It, We Have It!

Helix Vape Pen Edition
There are so many pens on the market and we all know they’re pretty much all the same. Same battery, same coil, just a different package. We’re happy to help break that trend with the Helix Pen from Grav Labs. Based on the same battery platform as many other pens, but with a custom Helix Mouthpiece that brings a new vaping experience to your lucky hands. The Helix attachment features 3 micro holes that swirl the smoke, cooling it, and giving you a nice smooth hit.

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