Creme Award Winning Exotic Strain Flower – 3.5g

Step into the world of luxury hemp with SuperNova Smoke Shop’s Crème Exotic Indoor THCA Flower. Boasting over 30% cannabinoids and a variety of indulgent strains, these buds are a true testament to hemp excellence. Perfect for those seeking a high-quality, aromatic experience, our collection offers everything from the skunky White Truffle to the sweet Lemon Cherry Gelato. Experience the best, only at SuperNova Smoke Shop.


Discover the allure of Crème Exotic Indoor THCA Flower, a masterpiece in the world of hemp. Sourced from the finest indoor gardens, these THCA buds are the epitome of luxury and quality. Known for their extraordinary potency and dense trichome coverage, these buds offer an indulgent experience for the discerning enthusiast.

At SuperNova Smoke Shop, we understand the desire for the finest hemp experiences. That’s why we bring you these exclusive THCA mega nugs, boasting over 30% total cannabinoids. Whether you’re seeking the relaxing embrace of our White Truffle strain, the aromatic journey of Super Cake, or the sweet citrus twist of Lemon Cherry Gelato, we’ve got you covered.

Embrace the top-tier quality of Crème’s Exotic THC-A Flower. Grown in the USA with the utmost care, these buds are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Perfect for those nights when you want to unwind and let your senses take over, our Crème Exotic collection is your gateway to unparalleled hemp indulgence.


  • Over 30% total cannabinoids for maximum potency
  • Indoor grown, ensuring consistent quality
  • A variety of strains to suit every preference
  • QR labels for easy access to product information
  • Suggested use for tailored experiences


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