High Hemp Organic Wraps

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We’re not quite sure what happened with these wraps but they blew-the-fuck-up quick.  It seems like one day a dude came in with a photo of these bad boys on his phone he spotted on Instagram and then BANG!  Next thing  we knew like 15 people were calling up searching for these wraps.  As soon as we put them on the shelf the first box sold out in record time over here, we’ve been busting the plastic off these wraps at lightning speed… you get the idea… they popular.

We’ll… we have them in.  If you like smoking 100% Organic GMO Free wraps then look no further.  It all kinda started with the Primal herbal wraps about a year ago because a lot of people were looking for tobacco free wraps for their dry herbs and that makes sense.  It’s pretty cool that the wraps market is starting to expand beyond cigar wraps and we look forward to carrying a greater variety for your smoking pleasure!

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Pineapple Paradise, Banana Goo, Blazin Cherry, Grape Ape, Honey Pot Swirl, Maui Mango, Bare Berry, Hubba Bubba, Hydro Lemonade, Natural

2 reviews for High Hemp Organic Wraps

  1. Reese El Don

    These are my favorite discovery of 2017. Living an organic lifestyle this product has made everything much easier. The taste is smooth and the pull as well. I am looking to order this wholesale after finding in San Diego to bring to LA. Is there a list of smoke shops that carry this product in LA?

    • Delton Childs

      Thanks for the feedback. We love these too. They quickly became some of the best selling wraps and are easy to work with. Not sure about any shops that carry in LA boss, that’s a long way from Texas.

  2. KvshMacGyver

    didn’t buy from here but won’t lie this is my new favorite wraps. I want to know the CBD content but makes medicine so much less harsh and more enjoyable

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