OK, so you want so reason’s to pick up a sweet new lid from Supernova Here you go!

Reason #1: Mutant Telepaths

Word on the street is, they make you impervious to psychic attacks by mutant telepaths. It’s true, you want a real world example… look at Magneto from the X-Men Movies. Without his lid… he’s get’n his butt whipped. You don’t want to end up like Magneto…. right?

Reason #2: Satellite Surveillance

Government Satellite Surveillance. Yea… in just about every movie out there whenever someone is duck’n the task force and being tracked by high tech satellites… they throw a hat on. You wouldn’t believe how a billion dollar satellite in outer space can be totally rendered useless by a hat. But it happens apparently.

Reason #3: Radiation From Outer Space

Maybe the best reason… I heard hats form supernova block gamma rays from outer space though scientific studies are still being conducted, or they should be.  Yes… the same type of space rays that turned the incredible hulk into an unstoppable rage monster. I heard (or maybe I dreamed it) Supernova hats probably mostly deflect all types of cosmic radiation and they’re stylish…. if that’s not true… well… they could block harmful UV rays preventing skin cancer.  So at least that’s cool.  If you’ve been feeling cranky or suspect you’re turning green and becoming bizarrely muscular.. get a hat from supernova immediately!  Remember the devastation Hulk caused!

Reason #4: Your Hair Looks Gnarly

Yes, on a lighter note…  It’s a great cover up!


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