A New Dawn in Vaporizing: Puffco Proxy

Puffco has once again revolutionized the world of vaporizing with the introduction of the Puffco Proxy. A decade into their existence, Puffco has managed to consistently innovate, making them a household name in the lifestyle brand sector. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of this innovative product that’s taking the market by storm and is available at SuperNova Smoke Shop in San Antonio, Texas.

Puffco Proxy Desert Edition.

The Puffco Legacy

Puffco’s journey, under the leadership of Roger Volodarsky, has developed a thriving community that gathers annually at Puffcon. Their innovative products and commitment to providing a premium experience have seen them grow into a brand akin to a city of ardent supporters. The newest addition to their product line, the Proxy, promises to continue this trend by providing an unparalleled experience for smoking enthusiasts.

The Genius of the Puffco Proxy

The Puffco Proxy, at first glance, appears to be a regular pipe. However, it’s an ingenious blend of an electronic heating chamber (also known as an ‘atomizer’), base, and glass piece that creates a game-changing experience for users worldwide. The Proxy ‘bucket’ fits neatly into a glass ‘Sherlock’ pipe, marking just the beginning of this technological marvel.

The Path to Innovation

The concept behind Proxy was simple – to create an atomizer that would fit a standard piece of extract vaping glassware, known as a banger. However, the initial prototypes were too heavy and tipped over a standard extract water pipe or a dab rig. This led the Puffco team, headed by chief technology officer Avi Bajpai, to design a more modular device.

The Versatility of the Proxy

The resulting product is a versatile atomizer that fits seamlessly into a extract pipe, bubbler, or dab rig. This versatility allows it to cater to a wide range of users – from newbies to extract enthusiasts. In Roger Volodarsky’s words, Proxy has the ability to contextualize what’s so special about the extract and glass scene, even to those very far away from that experience.

Temperature Control and Lock Function

Like the best-selling Puffco Peak Pro, Proxy operates on four heat settings: blue (505°F), green (520°), red (545°), and white (560°). These settings allow users to control their experience, with the best one resulting from a slow, measured draw. Additionally, it features a lock function for added safety.

Cookies Brand Flat Wax Tool
Cookies Straight Tube Waterpipe

Temperature Control and Lock Function

Like the best-selling Puffco Peak, Proxy operates on four heat settings: blue (505°F), green (520°), red (545°), and white (560°). These settings allow users to control their experience, with the best one resulting from a slow, measured draw. Additionally, it features a lock function for added safety.

A Comfortable, Flavor-Intensive Experience

The design of the Proxy facilitates a natural, slow inhale, which is a significant aspect of what makes the unit comfortable to hold and use throughout the day. These measured, flavor-packed puffs make Proxy easy to use at any time of day, providing a non-overpowering, yet satisfying experience.

The Classy Appeal of the Proxy

While the Puffco Proxy might provide smaller hits than the Peak, it adds an unmistakably classy touch when you put the pipe to your lips. Its simple, bucket-like design allows for unlimited customization, giving users and glassblowers the opportunity to personalize their experience.

Why Not a Bubbler?

Dry hits are terpier, which means they offer stronger and more complex flavor. This is why the Proxy isn’t a bubbler out of the box. However, it’s more than just delicious hits of rosins and resins that Proxy offers.

In the words of Roger Volodarsky, “There is no better system period, including quartz, to consume extract than this device.”


Cookies XL Flat Top Banger with Spin Cap and Terp Pearls

The Value of the Puffco Proxy

Priced at $299, the Puffco Proxy offers an experience that’s worth every cent. For those just getting started with Puffco products, it provides the most straightforward way to start enjoying concentrates.

The Puffco Range

The Puffco Proxy is a complement to the existing Puffco range, each product catering to a different lifestyle. The Puffco Plus is a slim, discreet one-hitter perfect for sneaky hits, while the Puffco Peak Pro features a bigger chamber, water-filtration, longer battery life, and Bluetooth temperature controls for avid dabbers.

Easy to Clean

According to Volodarsky, the Proxy is “the easiest to clean product we’ve ever made.” You’ll need a pack of good alcohol wipes for cleaning after heavy use. For deeper cleans, you can remove the atomizer and soak it in alcohol overnight.

Does It Get Hot?

While the top of the unit can get hot after continuous use, the glass never gets too hot to handle. However, it’s essential to avoid resting your fingers on the carb cap – singed fingers await!

Battery Life and Charging

On average, the Proxy can go between 13 and 15 cycles before needing a recharge. However, like other Puffco products, they’ve included passthrough charging, so a battery backup (USB-C; 2.4amp output like official Puffco chargers) is all you need for uninterrupted use.

Upcoming Releases

Puffco has scheduled the first glass competition for the Proxy in July/August, along with the release of accessories such as the travel pack, rotating carb cap, and bubbler attachment. With the introduction of these accessories, the Proxy era in functional glass art is truly here.

In conclusion, the Puffco Proxy is a game-changer in the world of extract vaporization, offering a unique, customizable, and easy-to-use experience. So get excited and get your hands on one today!

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