1.Luckily, I have purchased my own Aspire ESP today, and decided to do this Aspire ESP 30W Box Mod Review.



2. The packaging of any product is very important. Aspire ESP 30W utilized a pure black design which is a simple, clean and consumer-focused approach. 



3.Obviously, the main body adopted a circular design. It is very easy to remove screws and other components in the body. The whole body is comprised of a carbon fiber material which is a similar component of the CF SUBΩ.Comparing with the body of iron, the feel and texture has improved a lot.


4.All the atomizers of ESP interfaces are compatible, thanks to its spring contacts. Hence, you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of needing a screwdriver all the time.



5.As we all know, the traditional push button of electronic cigarettes breaks easily. Made specifically for a purpose, Aspire ESP was designed with a half mechanical knob. This greatly strengthens the product’s usability.  You will get amazed on the convenience of using this product since it was designed with an incredible built-in chip control and wattage size. It can rotate slowly and directly reach 30W. Featuring the best atomizers, Nautilus and Atlantis atomizers, you can adjust the airflow and experience the best of your e-liquid flavors. You just need to press the fire key 5 times when locking the power and fire.




6.I believe that many players have a small box. However, it is far from the amazing features of Atlantis and Nautilus. While others utilize 510 interface touch modeling which can cause severe anxiety to users, ESP is arched-shape, making it look very pleasant and appealing.



7.At present, people purchase a small but powerful atomizer on the market. This is where the problems arise. What consumers tend to neglect is the length of service of the products they buy. Usually, every box has a phenomenon. The screen will last for 5 to 10 minutes after adjusting the wattage. Thus, it leads to wasting power. But for ESP, the screen will be extinguished after 5 seconds. Therefore, it greatly saves on electricity. More importantly, ESP uses a built-in 1900MA LIPO original battery. It does not only provide security for players in the chaotic market, but also enhances its range.

Features of ESP: The minimum support 0.3 Ω resistance, 5w-30w power regulation.



8.Conclusion: ESP may be new to the market, but it is definitely a great buy. It is not only cost-effective, but it provides security as well. Of course, this is my opinion. There are many selections for electronic cigarette equipment. As the old saying goes,“ There is a perfect match for every man and girl”.


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