We at Aspire were saddened and disappointed by Tom Wolfs recent announcement of a 40% tax on vaping products, his suggestion that it is to aid economic growth is unjust!
You the vape users are already paying taxes on your earnings, taxes on your purchases not to mention the taxes they take from sellers of Aspire vape goods!

We feel that it is wrongfully unjust to punish you for doing something that is better for your health, than cigarettes they are happy to allow (and take taxes for) your vaping can also potentially cut down on money spent on the health services dealing with the damages done by cigarette smoking.

As a gift from Aspire and as a way to show support we will be offering a 40% discount flash sale every Friday on all purchases at for Aspire users in Pennsylvania until Tom Wolfs plan is ended!

For those of you not in Pennsylvania, you can be sure that if your state is threatened in the same way Aspire will be there for you too, we hope that you will join with Aspire in supporting the Vapers of Pennsylvania.

Lets hope that Tom Wolf will see sense and abolish this planned tax.

Until then we want you to know that Aspire are there for you, so be strong and make your self heard, this stealth tax cannot go unnoticed.

Kind regards and support the Aspire Team


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