Supernova smoke shop get lot of dab tornados in!

Now in it’s third generation, the DAB Tornado eGO / 510 Upgrade Kit is better than ever! Designed from the ground up to be a superior concentrate vaporizer in every way possible. Everything from the contoured solid chrome mouth piece to our high performance Titanium Tornado nails has been carefully selected to give the user the ultimate electronic dabbing experience.

The infamous Tornado Nail has been redesigned to meet the needs and suggestions we have received from thousands of users. Now dubbed the Titanium Tornado Nail, it features a double wound thick gauge titanium coil at a low 1.5 ohms resistance for even heating and a much longer lifespan. All wicks have been removed and replaced by a superior ceramic bar to retain your concentrates original flavor. The inside of the nail is lined with ceramic for heat insulation, while the outside steel cup has been further widened for quick loading of larger dabs… and massive clouds.

The DAB Tornado base has been revamped to repel wax and oil build-up at the contact points. This concentrate globe vaporizer is ready to go when you are!

All chrome color pens now come with our super heavy duty Fat Glass™ which is 5x thicker than standard globes. Fat Glass™ will take a beating and keep on dabbin’!

As if all of that was not enough.. You can now personalize your DAB Tornado with a variety of battery, glass globes, and mouth piece colors… custom glass designs, artisan quality glass, a wide range of nails, and unique add-ons like the Typhoon water filter!

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations glass globe vape pens and their bogus claims, this is the real deal. Designed and manufactured exclusively by The Vape Co. we do not license our designs or nails to other companies.

All products are fully tested prior to shipping to ensure they function to our rigid quality control standards.

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