Dive Into the World of Yocan: Unveiling the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer

The vaping industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer, the latest innovation from the renowned vape manufacturer, Yocan. This device, designed precisely for wax concentrate enthusiasts, sports a sleek design that rivals the increasingly in-demand nic-based vaporizers. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a chic wax vaporizer, let’s explore why the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer might be your ideal choice.

The Magic of Cubex TGT (Target Tech) Coil

The heart of the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer is its innovative coil technology – the Yocan Cubex TGT (Target Tech). Bridging the best of two worlds, Yocan has amalgamated the two heating elements designed for efficient wax consumption into this unique coil. The secret sauce, as Yocan puts it, lies in the fusion of the flavor-enhancing ceramic donut coil and the clarity-ensuring XTAL technology. The construction of the Yocan Cubex TGT coil involves both ceramic and quartz.

The selection of these two heating technologies was a strategic move by Yocan to develop a wax coil that checks all the boxes. According to Yocan, the Cubex TGT coil can produce voluminous vapors that pack a punch in both potency and flavor. This makes the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer a hit among medical users and recreational enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the new coil technology is a practical solution for vaporizing your extracts. It features a design with no exposed coil, eliminating any spots for the coil to accumulate buildup. Regardless of whether you prefer a low and slow approach or cranking up the temperature high and hot, the wax concentrates on the Yocan Cubex TGT coil will be vaporized down to the last drop.

Be ready for a heightened experience of flavor, vapor intensity, and potency when you use the Yocan Cubex TGT Coil. As of now, this coil is an exclusive offering with the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer.

Personalize Your Experience with Variable Voltage Setting

Adding to the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer’s unique features is its variable voltage setting, which perfectly complements the Yocan Cubex TGT coils. As with other Yocan devices, the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer offers three curated temperature profiles, allowing you to tailor your sessions to your preferences.

Starting with the lowest setting of 3.0 volts, the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer offers a flavorful vapor production. The heat level, while higher than most devices, still provides a flavorful vapor while creating thicker clouds, reminiscent of traditional cigarette smoke.

The middle temperature profile, set at 3.6 volts, offers an increased vapor volume and slightly enhances the potency of the vapors. This temperature range activates the more aggressive active ingredients, making it perfect for relaxation sessions.

The highest temperature level, set at 4.2 volts, is ideal for those seeking an intense experience. This temperature fully activates the potent active ingredients in the wax concentrates, filling your surroundings with dense plumes of vapors.

The Yocan Cubex Vaporizer also includes a 10-second pre-heat setting, perfect for prepping up solid concentrates. This setting exposes the wax concentrates to a low heat level that softens the extracts. As a result, the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer starts producing vapors instantly, cutting down the wait time as the wax concentrates are already primed.

For user safety, the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer also includes a 15-second cut-off time that automatically halts the heating element after 15 seconds of use. This feature ensures that the device does not overheat and the battery is not stressed, therefore preventing any potential mishaps when using the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer.

An Eye-Catching, Durable Aluminum Body

The Yocan Cubex Vaporizer’s electrical components are housed in a lightweight, beautiful aluminum body. The metallic shell lends the device a glossy appearance, akin to most premium devices. The Yocan Cubex Vaporizer, however, offers this premium look at nearly half the price.

The aluminum housing measures 114mm long and 22mm thick, making the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer easily portable. It can be held in the palm of your hand or slipped into your pocket, making it perfect for both casual strolls and once-in-a-month hiking trips.

The Yocan Cubex Vaporizer’s aluminum case also ensures durability and lightness. This means that the device is protected from minor dents and bangs that could damage a cheaper plastic vaporizer body. If you’re after an elegant and robust vaporizer, the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer with its sleek aluminum case is the perfect fit for you.

A Battery Made for Power

Yocan has equipped the Cubex Vaporizer with a powerful 1400mAh battery. This large battery ensures that the device has ample power for multiple sessions, whether for deep relaxation or an otherworldly experience. The battery can last for a day or two, depending on your usage.

The Yocan Cubex Vaporizer also comes with USB Type-C charging technology, ensuring fast charging and consistent power delivery for improved battery safety and longevity.

So, why delay? If you want to be among the first owners of the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer, be sure to get yours directly from the source: SuperNova Smoke Shop, an official partner of Yocan.

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