The rules are almost the same for every giveaway that we post. we think it’s better to give than to receive, but you need to enter into each giveaway correctly.

For facebook entrants: U just gotta click on the link on this post. It will take u to the reddit page. Upvote the post and comment on the post. Then u click the blue link there right on top and that takes u to the rafflecoptor entry. Then u just do the entries from there. Its not joining things its an entry app basically because technically Facebook doesn’t allow giveaways through their app, so pages use rafflecopter to be compliant with Facebook rules and also making it easier to pick the winner because it does a random draw of eligible entries. Blogs use it a lot for contest because it allows multiple entries . Like this one gives you several ways to enter. If the post get 1000+ likes and 500+ shares, I will choose one of you to give an extra gift.

For Reddit  entrants: Upvote the post and comment on the post, then click the link to http://blog.aspirecig.com, which takes u to the rafflecoptor entry.

Every Aspire’s giveaway is 100% real, it takes time for us to choose the winner. If you have any concern about Aspire’s giveaway, you can leave comment directly at here or find me at the facebook.

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