There have been many studies trying to prove that the very famous electronic cigarette is at least as bad as an ordinary one. There are many people who strongly believe that the effects are about the same, or even worse. However, medical authorities tend to disagree.

According to the reports issued by Action on Smoking and Health, more and more people have started using electronic cigarettes within the past year. Thus, approximately 2.1 million cigarettes have been sold in 2014. This year, this number has reached 2.6 million.

The reports revealed that the number of people who used to smoke and decided to take up using an e-cigarette has risen to 6.7 percent, compared to last year’s 4.5 percent.
This suggests that more people are concerned about their health and are trying to quit smoking tar cigarettes. The electronic version offers a very good solution.

Nevertheless, surveys reveal that even if half of the people who started puffing e-cigarettes wanted to quit smoking, about 15 percent of them believed they did more harm than good to their health. What is even more worrying is the fact that this percentage is on increase mode. It was shown that nowadays, about 22 percent believe these cigarettes are unhealthy.

Martyn Willmore, a representative of the North-East tobacco control office said that about 95 percent of e-cigarettes available on the market are better than regular ones. He also mentioned that the ones who can most benefit are the North-East smokers.

We cannot say that electronic cigarettes are 100 % harmless but the vast majority of deaths and illness from smoking come from the tar and other poisons in tobacco, not from the nicotine, said Martyin Willmore.

The fact that people have this misconception is quite worrying. It cannot be neglected that there might be a hike in the number of people who decide not to quit smoking after all, given the fact that they don’t believe in the positive effects of an e-cigarette on their health.

Right now, the e-cigarette is one of the most efficient tools available on the market for those who want to stop being addicted to smoking. There are quite a few researchers that have supported this idea and said that it is alarming that more and more people are dismissing it.

A solution to this might be providing more information. More studies should be written on the impact electronic cigarettes have on a person who decides to quit smoking. Unless they are better informed, the number of people who stop smoking in unlikely to grow.

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