Aspen Valley CBD Hemp Flower

Aspen Valley CBD Flower contains only the highest quality premium buds. CBD extracts may contain almost any part of the hemp plant, but Aspen Valley flower jars contain only the female flowers, scientifically known as Cola.

This makes flowers, interchangeably also called bud, ideal for smoking. Aspen Valley flower is hand-selected from growers across the country and is rich in terpenes and the entire entourage of cannabinoids found in hemp plants.



Aspen Valley CBD buds test between 14 – 20% CBD, with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

How does CBD Flower differ from CBD Cigarettes and CBD Joints?

CBD Flower is the same plant material that goes into Aspen Valley’s fantastic CBD Joints, but CBD Cigarettes use a different, leafier shake material that allows the cigarettes to burn more smoothly for an experience more similar traditional tobacco consumption. None of Aspen Valley’s products contain tobacco.

Jars of flower offer more flexibility than pre-rolled joints and may present more options for CBD consumers who may be more interested in the unprocessed benefits that pure flower presents.


CBD Flower Jars come in three sizes:

  • 28 gram jars
  • 7 gram jars
  • 3.5 gram jars


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