Burnbud Smoking Tool

We got sick of carrying around grinders, rolling trays, and losing our lighters. Introducing Burnbud, the all-in-one smoking accessory you didn’t know you needed.

Life is complicated enough. Burnbud uncomplicates it. Every day is a new adventure, and Burnbud ensures that whatever the next adventure is, you’ll be ready for it. Join the thousands of others carrying Burnbud in their pocket!

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Lighter Holster

Built-in lighter storage? Check. We’ve all lost lighters, but that doesn’t have to continue. With Burnbud, your lighter will always be within reach.


No more carrying around a bulky grinder. We created Burnbud with one integrated into its design, making it easier than ever to grind up your herb wherever your next adventure takes you.

Herb Dispenser

Remember when rolling trays were needed? Not anymore. We added an herb dispenser so you can use the piston to release your ground herb directly into any smoking device, including cones!

Wick Holder

Just like losing the lighter, misplacing the wick is a constant struggle.
Burnbud has a designated spot for your wick, so you can always have it when you need it.

Bottle Opener

Whenever the good times are rolling, bottles usually need opening. That’s why we added a steel bottle opener to Burnbud. So the good times don’t have to be interrupted to find one.

Herb Storage

Like spacing out your herb? That’s precisely why we have a chamber to store extra ground herb—all ready to be dispensed as you need it with the push of a button.


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