Cannadips CBD

3 Original flavors, crafted using all natural (tobacco free) ingredients.

Each tin contains 150mg of water dispersible CBD.

10mg per pouch (150mg total). 15 pouches per tin.


Cannadips CBD believe in an alternative, natural experience for every lifestyle. Cannadips CBD has made it possible for people to enjoy a fast-acting pouch of CBD, without smoke inhalation or delayed absorption as experienced with other CBD products.

A New Paradigm

Cannadips CBD is elevating the broad spectrum hemp experience by solving common consumption issues. Cannadips CBD is between a tincture and an edible, but not an edible — the body absorbs the ingredients like a tincture, but tastes so much better than an edible. Cannadips CBD is the best tasting CBD product out there. Our pouches are discreet and fast-acting in small, but effective applications.

Made by Nature

Simple concept, what goes into your body should be natural and you don’t need to brag about it.

The broad spectrum hemp contained in our pouches is all-natural, premium-grade, and always pesticide-free. Our natural fiber pouches have a blend of specially formulated CBD concentrate, essential oils, spices, and natural sweetener to ensure the best taste, from the cleanest ingredients.

Unlike edibles — which are processed by your gut — Cannadips’ patented water-dispersible CBD extract technology allows you to absorb CBD directly into the blood stream without any funny tricks, which means Cannadips works fast and effectively.

A Different Breed

We want you to feel confident. Our focus is to provide an effective alternative to the current methods of consuming CBD. With that mindset, we’ve created broad-spectrum hemp CBD products that will elevate the CBD experience for every type of consumer.

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