D8 Flight 3000mg Vape Additive

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If you vape you might want to try out some of this Delta-8 vape additive. This little bottle will add high potency delta 8 to your favorite liquid so you can get your vape on and a little bit lifted at the same time thanks to D8 Flight! All you do is fill up your vape tank as you normally would but leave a little space in there and then squeeze in the vape additive to fill your tank all the way up. You might want to shake it up a little bit you make sure it’s evenly distributed but that’s how I did it. Love the effects too! It’s selling like hotcakes tho some come thru quick!

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2 reviews for D8 Flight 3000mg Vape Additive

  1. Barbara Blake

    It would be better with the real thing

  2. Kfancan

    Waisted $ 49 bucks, it doesn’t work.

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