Dank-Lite Magic Mushrooms

THC-O/Delta 8 Shroomz are made with non-psychoactive, food-grade Shiitake mushrooms fortified with 500mg of a 1:1 mix of our clear, hemp-derived Delta 8 and THC-O distillate. When consumed, these now-psychoactive mushrooms’ Delta 8 contents provide the first onset of effects, which have frequently been described by their first users as mellow enough to help usher in the next wave. Then, due to its more potent nature and the duration of its effects, your next several hours are booked full once the THC-O kicks in. So kick back, relax, maybe put on some good tunes or get something funny pulled up on Hulu, and enjoy the ride!


Each pack of Dank-Lite THC-O/Delta 8 Shroomz contains 4g of mushrooms and 250mg of each cannabinoid. Though their effects won’t be quite as psychoactive as those of certain fungi out there, eating a full pack in one sitting could easily result in an intense experience. This is especially important for more infrequent, less experienced users to note. As such, we must ask that you please enjoy Dank-Lite THC-O/Delta 8 Shroomz responsibly.


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