DNA Glass Rolling Tips


These DNA Glass tips are top notch quality and provide the perfect air flow for a masterfully hand rolled cigarette.  Glass tips require no preparation and are ready to use. While glass crutches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they’re typically larger in diameter than the average wood pulp crutch and cannot be adjusted. Glass crutches are reusable and must be cleaned regularly using 99% isopropyl alcohol, Grunge-Off or Formula 420 or your favorite glass cleaner for removal of residue.   We recommend cleaning your glass tip between every smoke or two – the longer you wait, the more noticeable the burnt ashy taste will become.


It can be said that smoking can be more enjoyable if you use a tip like paper rolling tips or these beautiful glass tips, also known as a filter or tip. Glass tips are essentially a mouthpiece made of glass. When smoking, the glass tip acts as a handle that aids in holding your smoke and passing to others.

The added distance between you and the roasting cherry means no more burnt fingers or lips as well. Smoking with a glass tip is especially helpful in a group setting – avoiding the unpleasant but all-too-familiar soggy tip. Incorporating a glass tip optimizes airflow by preventing the end of the hand rolled cigarette from collapsing in on itself. Furthermore, using a glass tip aids in the rolling process by providing a perfect cylinder to which the ground bud can be integrated, setting the tone for the perfect shape.


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