Exotics D8 & HHC Infused Pre-Rolled Cones

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Now in HHC Blend as well! Welcome to the top-shelf life, my friend. These are little jars that contain 7, that’s right, SEVEN, pre-rolled cones stuffed with premium delta 8 hemp flower, coated in delta 8 extract, and rolled in CBD kief. The Delta 8 hemp flower and the Delta 8 oil will keep you lifted while the pollen coating brings a natural anti-anxiety component with the CBD Kief making this little jar the perfect on-the-go party favor. The container is also very cool, and I’m not sure I’d toss it right away; it might be suitable for storing some “other things.”  😉

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  • 🍊Orange Crush
  • 🍓Berry Crush
  • 😎OG Kush
  • 🍇Grape Crush
  • 🌈Rainbow Crush
  • 🍨Gelato
  • 🏝Tropical

1 review for Exotics D8 & HHC Infused Pre-Rolled Cones

  1. Iret

    Since there’s no reviews. Im honored to be the first. I suffer from genralized anxiety disorder and clinical depression. I give this product TWO thumbs waay up!

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