Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa Exotic Soda

As legend has it, this beverage is fabled to be one of the most rare and prized beverages of the esteemed Exotic Soda Collectors Guild founded in 4500 bc in Mesopotamia.  Although Okinawa wouldn’t be founded for over 6000 years, an oracle prophesied about it’s manufacture and distribution to the masses reigning down it’s deliciousness in early cultural artifacts uncovered in the 1860’s by British archeologists surveying off the coast of Japan.

Though rarely seen by human eyes, Shikuwasa is said to be a green fruit.  It’s interior indulges your senses with a kaleidoscope of tangy tangerine-like citrus flavor.  This mysterious fruit is only grown on the southern Japanese tropical island of Okinawa by wizards and monks of the highest order.  Shrouded in mystery, these beverages are not supposed to be available outside of Okinawa so even in Japan their rarity is consummate.  The legend tells it that if you leave your Okinawa Shikuwasa open and unattended  a mystical sprite, the kijimunaa, will reach from the shadows and consume your beverage in it’s entirety.

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Origin: Japan


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