Grav Labs Concentrate Taster

Convenient, compact, and concentrate-compatible.  Available in assorted colors of 12mm borosilicate tubing with a solid borosilicate extension designed for tasting extract on the go.

The Grav Labs concentrate chillum has become one of the go-to tools similar to a nectar collector but with an added flair of style that comes along with the Grav brand.  You can use a small tool to place a small amount of CBD extract on the borosilicate glass nail.

Tip: Be sure you try to hold the dip nail level with the ground or you risk the extract rolling off the glass nail and onto the ground.


The Grav Labs concentrate taster is the ultimate tool for the extract connoisseur or extract conservationist on the go. Constructed of borosilicate glass this little chillum style taster has a small scoop covering the tobacco bowl.   You can heat this little glass nail.  It’s rather ingenious.   Great for only CBD and other legal extracts.


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