Green Monkey Herb Grinders

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These Green Monkey grinders are something you have to see.  They have the face of a monkey on the top, it’s not Curious George, though everyone always seems to ask to see the “Curious George Grinder”.  They’re three stage grinders and have a beautiful rainbowed tempered metal effect created on all surfaces of the grinder, that includes the interior, they are not painted.  You can find out more about metal tempering here if you have any questions about how they created this amazing effect.

It’s worth stating these grinders have one of the most open grind chambers I’ve ever seen, it’s pretty bad ass.  The grind chamber on this buddy is very similar to the Space Case grinders chamber (nice and open with closely bored holes) which will run you about double the price of this little green monkey.   This is one solid addition to any smokers collection and makes a great gift for that special smoker in your life.


These herb grinders are beautiful.  They’re made of tempered metal, so that means they have this nice rainbow pattern baked into the surface of the grinder.  This occurs when hardening materials like steel and iron and is a naturally occurring phenomenon.  These grinders are not painted or anything, that would suck and no one wants that kind of grinder  These are top notch metal grinders with a very very open chamber and sharp teeth to power through your tobacco in a jiffy leaving you with finely shredded material to craft a masterfully hand rolled cigarette.

These grinders are three chamber (4 piece) so you have your grind at the top and your storage right underneath that.  Your dry herb will rest upon a thin screen so that any small material will shift down into the lower chamber creating a collection of fine tobacco pollen at the bottom.  These Green Monkey grinders come with a nice little tool to help you scrape up some of that if you’d like.  It’s shaped like a guitar pick, pretty cool.

3 reviews for Green Monkey Herb Grinders

  1. Ronnie chronister

    These grinders are no good, I bought one and 4 of the spikes on the lid have already broken off… garbage.

  2. Kay

    great product

  3. Pooch

    I’ve had this grinder 6 months and it’s amazing a blessing from a great mind and a great crafter 🌹💚

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