Happy Hippo Kratom Energy Shots

  • Clean Energy and Mental Efficiency
  • Same Extraction Source but New MUCH BETTER Taste! 🤩
  • Ultra-Fast and Rapid Onset Green Maeng Da Alkaloid
  • Contains 50mg of Mitragynine (Kratom Extract) per 2 oz bottle
  • Caffeine Free
  • No more messy powders to mix → zero clean-up
  • Easy to store at your desk or gym bag
  • A full 2oz bottle contains the MIT equivalent to 3-4 grams of MIT found in plain leaf Kratom.


What Can You Expect? (Improved Taste – Let’s Go!)
You can expect a big energy and strong cognitive boost within about 10 minutes that will last a couple of hours.

You can consider these shots to be an ‘Ultra Fast’ form of the primary Kratom alkaloids with a very rapid onset.

Just so you know –

As of July 14 2023, we can legitimately claim that the flavor in our 2oz Kratom Energy Shot actually tastes pretty good and does not have the ‘metallic’ or ‘alcohol’ aftertaste that old school Kratom shots have.

If ‘taste’ is very important to you, try the Hyper Hippo Flavored Kratom. Our Flavored Plain Leaf actually tastes good if your serving size is in the 1-5 gram range.

Conversely, if ‘effects’ are most important to you, we recommend our 10mL Kratom Extract Shot (MIT: 60mg / 120mg). These shots also taste decent (relative to identical highly extracts products on the market) but offer a greater focus on delivering a higher concentration of MIT.

These shots are great for people who live a fast-paced, active lifestyle.

Many fitness enthusiasts actually prefer our Energy Shots to the traditional caffeinated pre-workouts. The acute focus, concentration, and appetite suppression can certainly rival any pre-workout.

As with any Kratom Extract, we suggest that you start with a 1/4 or 1/2 serving size to evaluate effects and impact.


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