Hempire Rolling Papers

The most innovative 100% natural paper made of Pure Hemp!

Hempire uses natural gum extracted from the rubber plant. Hempire is ecologically friendly and Hempire is free of tree material.

Hempire is an ultra thin slow burning paper made of the finest quality.
Enjoy the pleasure of smoking a natural paper…

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The Hempire Brand delivers an outstanding hemp rolling paper . These things fly out of our inventory and we have yet to have a negative comment either there or from our customers. They are not too thin, nor too thick and are priced reasonably with great packaging panache. Completely neutral in flavor with just the right amount of gum.

The concept of rolling your own cigarettes puts most people in mind of the old westerns where cowboys would drop some tobacco into a paper, roll it around, lick the ends and then light it up. While that method is certainly still being used by some, “rolling” cigarettes has come a bit further that you might think. It can be done with a small machine.

There are many brands of tobacco on the market. Menthol and exotic flavored tobacco can be bought as well. If you don’t have a tobacco shop with rolling supplies near you, they can be purchased online and shipped directly to you. A good place to start with tobacco is Zen, American Spirit and 3 Castles.

Most bulk tobacco contains none of the fillers (chemicals) state and federal regulators force tobacco companies to put into their pre-packaged cigarettes; it’s cheaper, and isn’t taxed as heavily. With practice, you can roll a carton of cigarettes in half an hour and you don’t have all those empty packs sitting around or filling up the floorboard of your car.


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