Juicy Hemp Wraps

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Well… we’ve got another brand on the Hemp Wrap rolling scene.  Everyone seems to love the new hemp wraps that have come out and Juicy is bringing the flavor with their core flavors like Strawberry, Grapes Gone Wild, Mango Papaya, Natural and Tropical Passion Hemp Wraps.  Now, these wraps are tobacco free, that means they’re not tobacco cigar wraps so you can say goodby to the bitter natural leaf tobacco flavor you’re used to with regular old cigar wraps.  This is the new-new my friends.   

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Juicy Hemp Wraps are one of the highlights of the hemp wrap game.  One of the sweet thing about Juicy is you know they bring the flavor and the hemp wrap trend is no exception for Juicy.  These wraps come in the same foil pouch you’d expect from all the other wraps but they’re decorated with the hemp leaf so they stand out in that regard.  These hemp wraps come in popular juicy flavors like: 

  • Grapes Gone Wild
  • Tropical Passion
  • Natural
  • Mango Papaya
  • Strawberry


Be sure to call your local Supernova Smoke Shop to be sure we have Juicy Hemp Wraps in stock.
* Any prices are listed for convenience and are subject to change.


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