Lock-N-Load Glass Chillum


The Lock-N-Load Chillum is a new and innovative one-hitter specifically designed for smokers on the go.

Featuring a compact size, the Lock-N-Load Chillum comes with a revolutionary twist cap for safe storage and easy opening. Unlike other glass chillums, this means that the Lock-N-Load keeps that unique smokey smell hidden until it’s time to smoke.


  • Compact Size
  • Easy To Use
  • Twist Cap For Safe Storage
  • Perfect For Traveling
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Glass
  • Safely Retains Tobacco

Lock-N-Load was developed by Veterans who suffered from PTSD after returning from overseas deployment. When prescription medications failed to relieve their symptoms, these vets started researching alternative options, including medical marijuana. Their passion for smoking-based therapy fueled their desire to create EDC (Every Day Carry) products that were compact and discreet to carry. Thus, the Lock-N-Load was born! Why glass? It’s a more clean way to smoke and keeps the flavor intact, much more than papers.


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