Lookah Q7 Mini E-Nail

The Lookah Q7 Mini is smaller, sleeker, and easier to use than the previous Lookah E-nails. It has a 950mAh battery offers around 80 to 100 uses on a single charge.

It uses the 710-thread quartz atomizer range for a better taste profile. There are 4 different coil types to select the best heat and flavor profile. Like its predecessor, the Q7 mini will fit most 14mm to 18mm pipes. A silicon sheath for the downstem allows for use with smaller joint pipes, which can be removed when using the enail larger dab rigs.


Three voltage settings on the Q7 mini can be adjusted by double-clicking the power button.

  • mode 1, 3.2V
  • mode 2, 3.6V
  • mode 3, 4.0V

These settings adjust the temperature between 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These low vaping temperatures help preserve the terpenes and flavonoids, allowing for a more flavorful vaping experience.

How to Use the Q7 Mini Enail

  1. Place the Q7 mini into the downstem of your water pipe.
  2. Open the magnetic flip cap and place a small amount of wax into the center of the atomizer coil.
  3. Close the flip cap
  4. Press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on the Q7 Mini enail.
  5. The device will enter a preheat mode, and the display will show a countdown from 9 to 0 as the preheat is active.
  6. After the preheat has finished, the light will flash 2 times.
  7. Press the power button 2 times to select the voltage mode.
  8. Press and hold the power button for up to 30 seconds to heat the atomizer and vaporize the wax.
  9. Inhale from the mouthpiece of the water pipe. You can adjust the airflow by covering the carb on the flip cap as required.

Be sure to wipe around the atomizer to remove any excess wax and turn the device off after using it.

How to Clean the Q7 Mini Enail

1. Open the magnetic carb lid
2. Remove the 710 thread atomizer by unscrewing it counterclockwise.
3. Remove the downstem by unscrewing it clockwise.
4. Use the brush and some isopropyl alcohol to clean the airway between the downstem and atomizer coil.
5. With some isopropyl and a Q-tip, swab the area around where the 710 coils would screw into the device.
6. After each session, You can swab out the atomizer coil with a Q-tip.
7. Clean around the carb cap and the device’s body with a damp cloth, and dry well afterward.
8. When dry, reassemble the parts.


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