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Yet another new GMO Free, 100% Organic wrap to hit the market by the same boss company that busted out with those High Hemp Organic Wraps.  Those things blew up quick and these little mint wraps are no exception to the No Tobacco No Nicotine trend that seems to be on the rise. It’s pretty nice they’re packaging these things with tips now, I’m down with that, why didn’t they think of that genius shit sooner.  Or maybe those turd nuggets who don’t package tips with their wraps think we won’t notice, the jig is up… we’re going to start expecting it now.  Ok… So maybe you’re not sure about a mint wrap though… all I can say is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Mintys sell and there’s a good reason for it… they’re delicious.

With our patent pending proprietary formula, you’re guaranteed a fresh experience with our mint based herbal wrap, Minty’s.  Each wrap gives of the faintest scent of peppermint, but does not overpower the natural flavors of your legal herbs.   Our pouches contain two quality wraps and two pre-rolled filter tips, giving you twice the pleasure and twice the experience.

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Our sole purpose at Mintys is to bring smokers an exceptionally distinctive natural herbal wrap as a superior alternative to tobacco based wraps.  After a worldwide search, we were able to produce the Mintys proprietary formula using organically grown mint.  Our wraps give you a greater alternative for smoking due to the fact that they are free of any tobacco, nicotine, or additives.  The compacted mint has created a unique dark green wrap that is durable, thin, and always burns slow.
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