Nom-Enon & Noms X2 Salt Nic


Nom-Enon & Noms X2 E-Liquids in Stock! Lets Seeeee… we got the Cherry🍒 Lime Ginger, I’ve had that, it was delicous! Kiwi🥝 Passionfruit Nectarine sounds LIT🔥. Watanomenon is watermelon🍉 and we sell a shitload of it so that’s gotta be good. Everyone is on this, not playing.💨 Nomenon Salt Nics treats your taste buds to bold, intense flavor.

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24mg, 48mg


Cherry Lime Ginger, Kiwi Passionfruit Nectarine, Watanomenon, Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin, White Peach Raspberry, Phenomenon, Blunomenon, Lemonomenon, Strawnomenon, Grapenomenon


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