Pink Frosted Star Waterpipe

We just love this pink accented waterpipe with frosted glass stars.  It hold a hidden secret that will blow your mind (read below).  We kinda specialize in pipes that will blow your mind though.  We have to admit, this one is kinda for the ladies, but I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable with your masculinity and busting out a pink with stars waterpipe with the fellas if that’s your thing.  Your bros won’t give you too hard a time for that if you’re a nice guy, right.  The tables are turned for the ladies… any woman who has this bad little angle is instantly granted she-balla status.

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This waterpipe is beautiful right out of the gate but it hold a hidden secret, I’ll get to that.  First off, it has a nice solid base to it.  That’s sure to extend the life and it’s status as the crown jewel of your collection.  This buddy isn’t a mini, it’s a nice size piece.  It the body features stars in frosted glass and inside is a beautiful shower-head perk.  This is where things Start to get interesting.  You’ll notice that the mouthpiece as a joint on it as well as the bowl.  The bowl and the mouthpiece just so happen to both be 14mm glass on glass connections so you can actually switch the mouthpiece and blow around and have the bowl go straight into the perk, this piece is extremely fresh.


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