Shruum Buzz Trippin Blend Mushroom Pre-Rolls

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Let’s talk about the all-new, super exciting product available at SuperNova Smoke Shop! It’s a one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line, premium Hemp Flower THC-P + THC-V Cannabinoids Premium Hemp Kief Terpenes Amanita Blend 2 Grams / 2000mg per pre-rolled joint. Yes, you read that right! A whopping 2000mg of pure, unadulterated delight per joint! This isn’t just any ordinary joint, it’s a Mushroom Preroll that introduces a whole new level of smoking experience!


The THC-P in this blend is something to really get excited about! THC-P, known as Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is one of the newest and most potent cannabinoids discovered. It’s said to be 30 times more potent than THC! Imagine that! And it’s all in this amazing pre-rolled joint at SuperNova Smoke Shop. With THC-P, you get to experience a more potent high, which means better pain relief, improved mood, and a feeling of overall well-being.

The joints also comes packed with THC-V cannabinoids. THC-V or Tetrahydrocannabivarin is another exciting cannabinoid that has shown promising benefits. It’s known for its appetite-suppressing properties and its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels. It’s also believed to help with anxiety and panic attacks. Imagine all these benefits rolled into one perfect joint!

And let’s not forget the Premium Hemp Kief! Kief is the tiny, sticky crystal-like substance found on hemp flowers, and it adds an extra kick to your smoking experience. It’s packed with terpenes and cannabinoids that enhance the overall effects of hemp. The Kief in this blend ensures you get the maximum effect from each puff!

The Amanita blend adds an additional layer of complexity and richness to the flavor profile of the joint. Amanita is a type of mushroom known for its distinct flavor and potential health benefits. This unique blend ensures that every draw you take is not just potent but also flavorful and enjoyable.

In conclusion, this isn’t just a joint; it’s a carefully crafted masterpiece that takes your smoking experience to a whole new level. Each Mushroom Preroll is filled with 2 grams or 2000mg of pure delight. Don’t miss out on this incredible product at SuperNova Smoke Shop. Get ready to light up your senses with the premium Hemp Flower THC-P + THC-V Cannabinoids Premium Hemp Kief Terpenes Amanita Blend 2 Grams / 2000mg per pre-rolled joint – it’s a game-changer!


  • Zaza
  • Geezy OG
  • Birthday Cake
  • Green Crack


  • Premium Hemp Flower
  • THC-P + THC-V
  • Cannabinoids
  • Premium Hemp Kief
  • Terpenes
  • Amanita Blend

2 Grams / 2000mg Per Pre-Rolled Joint

1 review for Shruum Buzz Trippin Blend Mushroom Pre-Rolls

  1. CA

    Youre an idiot if you think it’s safe to smoke spores. It will infect your lungs

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