Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps

You’ve gotta stay on top of your rolling game.  It’s a little tough these days with all the wraps coming out and now with the hemp wrap explosion you know you’ve gotta pick up a pack of these too.  So why hemp wraps?  Well.. I think one of the reasons the hemp wrap game has gotten so big is the no-tobacco idea.  Not everyone is down with the idea of smoking tobacco and if you’re using cigar wraps you’re consuming some tobacco and probably getting a little nicotine as well.  So if you want to avoid that altogether get on the hemp wrap train.  



The “Hemp Wrap Game” has exploded in the past few months and the Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps are one of the top contenders in the market.  These wraps have a sweet lemon grass taste and are easy to roll with as well.  They come in a two pack.  One thing the hemp wraps will do for you is help you avoid the harshness that comes with tobacco cigar wraps.  Hemp wraps tend to smoke smoother, especially towards the end of the cigar.  


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