Space O Brand THC-O Carts

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If you haven’t tried out the new THC-O disposable devices or cartridges you’re in for a treat.  THC-O is another hemp-derived cannabinoid and the effects are nice.  If you’re already tried out Delta-8 you might want to expand your horizons and give THC-O a try.  These Space O cartridges come in a variety of flavors both indica and sativa.  With these vape cartridges, you’ll need to have your own 510 threaded battery but don’t worry we have plenty of those too in more styles than you can imagine.  Don’t want to buy a 510 threaded battery?  That’s OK too! We have disposable devices you can just use and toss in the garbage after they’re done.

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4 reviews for Space O Brand THC-O Carts

  1. William Heeter

    Want to try this

  2. Robert Mann

    where are the LAB REPORTS, your QR code is wack af , I just purchased one of your carts for 9.99$ i scan QR it takes me to………rather than a lab report, All i ca say is this company is slippin HARD, I wont be smoking this pos, and its pob 98%+ delta 8 w/ NO THCO , I buy carts and see this bs all the time. THANKS FOR NOT HAVING A LAB REPORT, GET IT TOGETHER ALL I WANNA KNOW IS THE DAMN LAB REPORT WHICH LEGALLY YOU ALL HAVE TO SHOW ME, SLURRICANE 1G CART BY YOU GUYS I WANT A LINK TO THE LAB REPORT ON ANY OF THE PRODUCTS IN THAT CATEGORY JUST 1 SO I KNOW

  3. Robert Mann

    love how your qr codes or any site selling this product i have NOTSEEN 1 LAB REPORT WTF??? IDK WHAT IM EVEN SMOKING,

  4. Joe

    This would be 4 stars, but there is NO lab report, which I was expecting when i scanned the qr. I cant find shit about this cart its probably 5% thc-o , there’s reason these were 10$.

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