Sugar Extrax THC-0 + D9 Disposable Device 2 Pack – 4g

If you want more bang for your buck and a great deal, check out these Sugar Exrax 2 device combo packs!  If you look at the ingredients it says “natural hemp extracts and terps”, and that’s what you want, can’t beat it.  Each pack comes with two separate hemp-derived D9 + THC-0 disposable devices at an unbelievable price!!!  See the flavor combos below!!! ⏬

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Flavor Duos:

Comes in a pack with two devices.  One of each flavor, here are the combos!

  • Master Kush & Diablo OG
  • Head Banger & OG Shark
  • Candy Land & Acai Berry Gelato
  • Blue Alien & Banana Kush
  • Purple Pineapple & Rainbow Belts
  • Mystery & Strawberry Cream


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