Sugar X Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable

Get ready to elevate your vaping experience with the Sugar X Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable 2.2g! This revolutionary Disposable Vape is infused with the exquisitely tranquil Blue Lotus extract, power-packed HHC distillate, and aromatic terpenes. Every puff unravels a world of deep relaxation and gentle euphoria that cradles your senses. What’s more, the Blue Lotus not only enhances your mood but also adds a unique flavor to your vaping journey. Unveil the ultimate path to relaxation with this innovative Exodus and Dope Boyz creation. Grab yours now and transcend into a realm of serene pleasure.

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Sugar X Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable 2.2g is a novel product that has recently hit the market! Amanita Muscaria has been around for some time, and now Sugar and Exodus Canna have come together to create something completely new. Each device is composed of blue lotus extract, high-grade HHC distillate, and strain-specific terpenes, producing effects such as relaxation, euphoria, and mood elevation.

It’s recommended users should take one puff and wait 30 minutes for the full effects to manifest, and the disposables are also USB rechargeable for rapid charging. Furthermore, the disposables come in six distinct flavors.

Regarding what Blue Lotus is and its effects, it is a flower known for its vibrant color and fragrance that contains two psychoactive alkaloids, apomorphine and nuciferine. These alkaloids act on the dopamine receptors in the brain and can lead to a sense of relaxation, mild euphoria, and a lightness in the body with the effects lasting up to three hours.

Flavor Profiles:

  • Pink Runtz
  • Sour Zkittles
  • White Gushers
  • Super Goji
  • Blue Razz
  • Unicorn Dreamz


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