Wax Extract Liquidizer

What is Wax Liquidizer made of?
Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including but not limited to Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. The ingredient PG is FDA approved as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) it is found in many items including Asthma Inhalers, pop/soda and ice cream. PG is approved for human inhalation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) More info on our ingredients can be found at Wax Liquidizer Ingredients

Does Wax Liquidizer taste like Marijuana Strains or Fruit / Herb Flavors?
Wax Liquidizer is designed to have a smooth non-overpowering taste of natural fruits or herbs (menthol) this provides a very discreet smelling cloud when vaping concentrates.

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Vaping CBD Wax by turning Wax into ejuice and CBD Shatter to Vape Juice has never been Easier. Watch these videos to see how to vape wax and see just how to make oil for vape pens Remember Wax Liquidizer comes in 7 Great Tasting Flavors Check out all the flavors and our Mix Kit that includes all the flavors on the products page.

How to Turn Wax into Vape Juice Easily – Wax Liquidizer from Wax Liquidizer on Vimeo.

Is Wax Liquidizer diacetyl free?
Yes 100%

Is the original flavor – flavorless?
Yes there is no added flavor in the original

Flavors – Our flavors are not Marijuana Terpene based. Our product contains no Marijuana and is legal worldwide
Wax Liquidizer is Designed for making Vape Juice – Not for use in Edibles or Topical Creams.


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