WildSeed CBD Hemp Flower

Wildseed Hemp is an up-and-coming establishment with a specialty in hemp-based products. The products that Wild Seed sells range from dog treats, to bath bombs, to lotions and oils. Wildseed Hemp’s products utilize the organic benefits of the hemp plant including the cannabinoid CBD and oils derived from the plant. As a reference point, if a customer were to walk into our store, it would be a comparable experience to them visiting a boutique. The founding member of Wildseed is an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the hemp industry and the legalities that go along with it. Wildseed strives to cater to our customers, while simultaneously being mindful of the laws and regulations of our state.



Available In:

  • 3.5g Wildseed Haze
  • 7g Wildseed Haze
  • 3.5g Hawaiian Haze
  • 7g Hawaiian Haze

From WildSeed Hemp


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