One of my favorite & elegant new rigs available at Supernova. This is a pretty thick unbranded rig. It has a nice wide base so it’s not easily knocked over, love that. some waterpipes have a reall slender base on them and we all know how that can cause tipping problems… or worse… breaking problems once tipped. Who needs that? Nobody, that’s who. So pick the right piece for your lifestyle. If you or your buddies are always tipping over the waterpipe be sure to pick one up with a nice sturdy base like this exceptional little friend.

One of the other things I like about this piece is the extension you get from the mouthpiece. It puts the heat of that nail a little farther away from your face than some other models… a real bonus in my book. I like to keep torches away from my face and hair… but that’s just me.




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