Adrian takes a look at three different Skunk Brand smell-proof bags. These bags are top of the line, have carbon-activated lining with a slick and modern design. Skunk bags are the top of the line for dry herb or accessory storage and transportation.

Here’s how the Skunk Bags technology works:

  1. LAYER 1 – Rubber Backed Nylon Fabric
    Each Skunk bag is equipped with our unique SK9TM smell-proof technology. Starting with our rubber-backed nylon fabric exterior as the first layer keeps liquids from entering and ensuring no smell escapes.
  2. LAYER 2 – Thermal Foil
    Thermal foil, an additional layer of protection, stabilizes the internal temperature by keeping content fresh.
  3. LAYER 3 – Foam Filter
    Foam filter creates padding and retains odoriferous molecules, while activated carbon neutralizes it.
  4. LAYER 4 – Activated Carbon
    Activated carbon is made from industrial high potency carbon felt. This layer absorbs and neutralizes odors on a molecular level.
  5. LAYER 5 – Airflowtm Lining
    AirflowTM lining protects the carbon layer while allowing airflow ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimum smell retention.
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