Not every one is a pro-vapor user but the new generation of cigarettes is going to be much safer and smarter due to these the safty measure in electronic cigarettes. The E-cigs are very safe and have the ability to be the best in upcoming generations. The cigs are installed with the modern systems for safe smoke along with different systems of batteries and give you the offered time limit for each & puff.

The newest e-cigs have a resistive system which will make you take the limited smoke. The batteries are of the required voltage according to their models which will help you to get an every time charged ecig & so it’s not just one more thing you’re always trying to keep charged.  pretty much all high end e-cigs have the rechargeable batteries which cannot be overcharged or charge in ways that have bad affects so you don’t need to be some kind of battery voltage genius to keep-up or risk breaking your new toy.   The most modern e-cigs have advanced microprocessors which will ensure the best and safe way to get the vape anytime and anywhere.

Modern, Stylish e-cigs With Easy To Use with New Juice Dropping Systems

e-cig photos-12The e-cigs along with having many other features well organized in them are very simple and easy to use. The way to use them is way too easy. To take the vape press the power switch, the power from the battery will be connected to atomizer and then the atomizer will produce the vape. There are also some of tips for dripping juice and taking vape of the required flavor. For this purpose drip a couple of drops with the help of dripper in the atomizer directly when you want to take the vape. You will have to continue dropping frequently before getting to vape. Some of the e-cigs have also been updated by containing the juice in the atomizer in an already sealed units. Once these all are finished you can throw them although the most preferred and admired are the refilling the juices ones.

The Highly Advanced & Safer Features Present In Today’s E-cigs

The stylish e-cigs being very easy to be use also possess some amazing features which make them just the best and very safe to use. Some e-cig batteries contain a small microprocessors. This microprocessors sets the time limit offered by you for which the vapors will be produced.

Many brands are fully automated for convenience, but you’ll find some e-cigs where if you have an eJuice variety that has plenty of nicotine factors the setting can easily be dialed-up or down for short time to limit your in-take for every puff  & this will help make your vape safer. The microprocessor also has the ability of charging and dis-charging of the lithium ion battery, due to this no bad effect will be caused and the battery will neither be overcharged nor be over drained.

This microprocessor also takes care for over charging and will be handle all the systems to take safer and smarter vape. When building or utilizing e-cig mods, the protected lithium ion batteries can be used so there will be no worries for the safer vape or old standard regular NIMH battery can be utilized which don’t need any protection as they have no problems to be drained completely. These key features of the e-cigs are highly admired and loved by the customers and will be a source of attraction in the market.

The E-cigs with many different batteries and new systems along with atomizer

The e-cigs are offering different batteries voltage and new systems which are making the e-cigs just perfect to be admired by everyone. The e-cig has a cartridge which contains liquid equal to the fog and sits against the atomizer element. The atomizer an element which is used for resistance having its measurement in ohms. The atomizer value highly depends on the model of e-cigs according to which 901 atomizer is about 3.2 ohms while 510 atomizer is about 2.3 ohms. You can use low or high resistance atomizer.

The high resistance atomizer will have 3 ohms resistance capacity which will provide you higher battery voltages of greater than 3.7 volts. The low resistance atomizer will have 2 ohms resistance capacity which will provide battery voltages less than 3.7 volts.

The lithium ion batteries which are used normally in e-cigs are about of 3.7 volts. Reliant on the e-cig models the batteries with greater voltages can also be used. The 180 to 200 mAh batteries will last about 4 to 6 hours after charging when they are new. They will be losing their back-up time as they will get older and will be dropping their performance strength. The very reliable functions and safer systems are making them brilliant one to be apple of eye for every buyer.

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