You may not know it by looking at our Instagram but we have a HUGE selection of Delta 8 products.  Most of the social media outlets won’t allow us to post product photos of our gigantic inventory. We have new Work brand 2.5g Disposable devices in.  They have a little charging USB port on the bottom and everything.  Great reviews on these bad boys too.  and in case you haven’t heard, Delta 10 is hitting the market and we’re some of the first to get a new line of Delta 10 disposable devices in by Effex. Come thru and pick one up QUICK! The Delta 8 chocolate bars are delicious and we only carry the premium hemp flowers.  

Just a few of the new items we got in this week at SuperNova Smoke Shop.  A few nice items that I know we’ve been getting requests on are the Grav Labs Oribis Series Waterpipes.  These are beautiful with spherical design accents. Also, the RAW Reserva centrifuge cone filler.  You’re supposed to spin this puppy around to use centrifugal force to pack your cones!  Sounds dangerous and cool!
The Star Wing glycerine-filled waterpipe is uber cool. It comes with a glycerin-filled bowl with a downstem.  You can chill this bad boy in the fridge or freezer and get a nice cool draw.  We have a few colors on this bad boy, but you have to come to scoop quickly because quantities are limited.

Everyone has been asking when we’re going to be getting the Red Box Micro NC kits back!  Well, they’re back in!  These are everyone’s favorite nectar collector kits.  It comes with a three-piece nectar collector with a quartz tip and mouthpiece.  You can fill the NC with water for some added percolation but some prefer to go at it dry in a rush.  Another nice thing about this setup is that it also comes with a titanium 10mm tip and a little glass extract dish.  All the accessories you need to get the job done.

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