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Hi everyone!

Ok, you’ve seen the term on a few threads on ECF, the biggest e cig forum, and you’ve scratched your head thinking…… “What in the world is a Tootle Puffer?!?!” You’re not alone. Many are wondering. Yet, there are a several people who know exactly what it means, and have smiled their way into the Tootle Puffers Club. Let’s have some fun. Let’s find out who actually IS a Tootle Puffer, and let’s define it!*

“tootle puffers” came from the itty bitty mods thread on ECF. The sub ohmers looking for 100watt + mods to run high wattage for clouds and such called those of us who run low watts (10-15 or less), using toppers like protanks, T3s, non-sub ohm tanks (including Kayfuns and the like building around 2 ohm coils) looking for small size and battery life only “low wattage tight draw tootle puffers”.

So what’s a tootle puffer? Someone who vapes at low power, and doesn’t make big clouds.

You might be a Tootle Puffer if:

1. You don’t exceed 20W
2. You own an Ego, Provari, or 10 or 20W istick
3. You own a non subohm clearomizer
4. You collect MolehillMountain drip tips
5. You have no interest in subohming
6. You have a Kayfun, but not an Orchid
7. You have a single coil dripper built over 1 ohm


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