We made it! Another year past and things are looking pretty freaking sweet over at Supernova Smoke Shop. In case you missed it, Supernova opened two new locations in 2016 so it’s a pretty awesome year for San Antonio! We wanted to take a second to thank your loyal SuperNova customers and post a few products that were the highlight of 2016. We (The Supernova staff) compiled this short list while going back and forth arguing over which products were the newest and most requested of 2016.

Primal Herbal Wraps

Primal Herbal Wraps

I really consider these guys to be a precursor to the Hemp Wrap game that’s kinda exploded in the cigarillo scene. Fucking Daniel at West Ave thought they needed to be included in the list, probably because they were the first non-tobacco wraps on the market.

CBD Extracts 

CBD Extract

CBD extracts are something we can all agree on as far as top 2016 products.  It seemed like when they first became available not very may people knew much about them but they quickly exploded and they became one of the top products.  

Twisted Blunt

Twisted Glass Blunt Pipe

The twisted glass blunt pipe has to be one of the most requested pipes of 2016.  It has a pretty innovative design and looks classy.  This little buddy is sure to make your friends go “wow”.  

High-Hemp Herbal Wraps

High Hemp Herbal Vegan Tobacco Free Wraps

I can’t think of any other cigar wrap that’s organic, vegan, GMO Free or tobacco free and that comes with tips… enough said.  

R-Series Vaporizers 

Stok R-Series Vaporizers

The R-Series Vapes by Stok have done nothing less than standardize the extract vaporizer game.  They did a lot right with the R-Series.  The things just work and that’s what most people are looking for.  Another thing they did right was make those damn atomizers 510 threaded so they fit on any battery, you can’t hate that.  

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