Foot Pedals for Tattoo

So we have a bunch of these foot pedals for tattoo over here. If you’re a tattoo artist you need to come over and pick up one or two of them. We see way too many tattoo artists running in because something happened to their foot pedal and they need a new one.

  • Simple Tattoo Foot Pedals
  • Metal Tattoo Foot Pedals With Star in Center
  • Mid-eval Style Tattoo Foot Pedals
  • Skull Shaped Tattoo Food Pedals


We have some pretty cool tattoo foot pedals from what I understand. we have the basic foot pedals as well as some more fancy models. If you’re looking for a specific foot pedal be sure to call one of the Supernova Smoke Shop nearest to you and ask about them. This is just a photograph of a small selection, there might be a few new ones we have in now, maybe even something really cool you didn’t even know about. You’ll need to swing by and check it out.


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