Intenze Tattoo Ink

Supernova carries Intenze ink in a variety of colors, not just these in the accompanied photo. You'll need to swing by or call and ask what colors we have in stock, we probably have it.

Made in the U.S.A., Intenze like to keep their operations close to home. It’s all about control and quality. Manufacturing within reach helps Intenze make a better, safer product.


Creating the best pigments Intenze starts with research. Intenze’s hired 3rd party bio-chemists and toxicologists begin on a molecular level to make sure the formulas are right. Bringing your greatest ideas to life has to start somewhere. Bright colors that sing, works that set you apart—boil it all down and you end up with the fundamental—the pigments that let you build your best work off of.

Intenze doesn’t create ink to maintain the status quo. Breaking new ground begins with the tools that let artists explore, create, and take their work to new levels. Customers deserve to know where your ink comes from. You deserve to know. Every bottle of ink Intenze produces is marked with an individual unique code. Like a fingerprint, it identifies the time, place, and technician who handled it. Intenze is also in the process of establishing an online database, accessible to any health official.

Be sure to call your local Supernova Smoke Shop to be sure we have Intenze Tattoo Ink in stock.
* Any prices are listed for convenience and are subject to change.


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