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Most professional tattoo shops use dual coil tattoo machines because they are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They also provide smooth lines and shading.

We get in a lot of tattoo machines at Supernova and serve a lot of you artists out there, yall are great. You know we carry all these tattoo machines, but for you new guys… let be break it down to you. From what I've gathered each tattoo machine is like a little car. They all perform a little differently and most artists have a few that are their “main boo” and then a couple on the side they like to break out for specific projects. I think we have a machine for every occasion.

Plus you know you've got to have a back-up on hand as well, so we tend to have quite a few and in a variety of styles. These ones here are just the basic models, we have other ones that are pretty fancy and some of the rotary machines as well, so that's pretty cool.



Supernova Smoke Shop carries a full line of tattoo equipment and supplies. We have tattoo machines, or tattoo guns. We don’t like to call them tattoo guns because guns shoot things. Tattoo machines are for creating artwork, they’re an artist’s tool. We have a lot of different types of tattoo machines come an go at the various Supernova Smoke Shop location so if you’re looking for a specific type of tattoo machine be sure to give us a call.

2 reviews for Tattoo Machines


    No price on merchandice,merchandise, you’re products. #8 is particular to me. How mutch.

    • Philosopher D

      Sorry about that, we don’t sell online so we don’t post prices online. You need to come thru, we might have some new models in stock too! Including some of the pen-style rotary machines.


    I need a price in tattoo machine #8 gearheD.

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